What began as a “why can’t we” has become Irish Whiskey Auctions Ltd. We have always been a team that thinks “why can’t we” so in January 2018 when the idea of building our own whiskey auction website formed , the answer was “Why Can’t We“. So, here we are, Irish Whiskey Auctions will be the world’s first whiskey auction website that promotes first and foremost the fantastic range of whiskey that is available from this glorious island that we call home. The ever growing range of Irish whiskey will feature prominently in our auctions but we will also welcome submissions from all great whiskey distilleries worldwide.


The main driving force behind Irish Whiskey Auctions is the husband and wife team of Anthony and Catherine Sheehy. With their combined business experience over the last 20 years together they are dedicated to building the best platform for buying and selling whiskey.



My passion for whiskey really came to the fore when we spent 3 years living in south western France. We were in the middle of wine making country and could not help but be impressed by the pride that each region took in their own variety of wine. Saint Emilion, which was only 20 minutes from our house, produced some of the world’s finest wines but the French people also appreciate a good whiskey, or whisky. So, with a sense of national pride that would make anyone jealous, I set out to promote the fantastic liquid that we call Uisce Beatha. At that time there were only a handful of Irish Whiskeys available but John Teeling’s Cooley Distillery made “O’Haras”. I was proud to say that this Irish Whiskey was not only from my home country but also from my home county. We have now returned home and our passion for Irish Whiskey has gone from strength to strength. We have a healthy personal collection that we sit and admire regularly and proudly share with family and friends.



Passion is what I do well. My passion for life ranges from my love to my family to experiencing life in its astounding variety around the world. I have learnt to embrace every second and every opportunity that comes our way and in our enterprises I have given my all. I love visiting new cities and discovering the smells, tastes and sounds that make each new experience unique. This is what is happening now with Irish Whiskey. A new breed of distillers are bringing their own unique style and putting it in a bottle for us to enjoy and celebrate – something the Irish do well, celebrate. So, I hope that you will join us on our website and celebrate the world of Whiskey for yourself and enjoy a little of our passion in your life.


We are blessed in our life to have built some fantastic relationships and now these people have joined us to help in fulfilling the dream of building a fantastic platform to share our love of whiskey with everyone. Some will stay behind the scenes and provide support and expertise when required and others will stand beside us to give you, our customers, the reassurance that your investments of time and money in your whiskey collection is in safe hands.


Owner of the Bankers Bar on Trinity street in Dublin, Alan has succeeded in creating a bar that defines a “Cead Mile Failte” in the heart of Dublin. The choice of drinks and fine food available in the Bankers make it a go to venue for both locals and tourists alike. In recent years Alan has developed the whiskey offering to include over 70 different brands and he also has a fantastic collection on display which includes some very special editions indeed. Alan is also the current Chairman of the LVA (Licensed Vintners Association) so he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Irish Whiskey Auctions and we are delighted to have him with us.



Owning one of the most famous bars in Dublin, and also boasting one of the few complete collections of the Midleton very Rare series (which is a sight to behold), is all in a day’s work for Willie Aherne. The Palace Bar holds a special place in Dublin’s history, but also in the heritage of whiskey in our capital city, so it is no surprise that we are delighted to have one of Ireland’s Finest whiskey bars associated with our website.

The Palace Bar is a destination that people travel to from all over the world and it is one of the first bars in the country to have its own highly sought after whiskey brand. Irish Whiskey Auctions is delighted that the Palace Bar stands with us allowing us to benefit from Willie Aherne’s extensive knowledge and expertise.


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