Yates Brothers Wine Lodges Irish Whiskey

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A Bottle Of Irish Whiskey Bonded and Bottled by Yates Brothers Wine Lodges , Manchester.
In Fair Condition,
26FL OZ 70 Proof.
The Yates company was originally stated by Peter and Simon Yates in Oldham in 1884. It was known as Britain’s oldest pub chain and latterly the company built a portfolio of over 150 pubs and venues. The Yates Brothers Wine Lodges were a core element of that portfolio. This whiskey was bottled and bonded in Manchester, the inclusion of a post code on the label suggests this bottling is 1960s at the earliest, however the screwcap is a strong indication that this was bottled in the 1970s at 70 degrees proof. As for the contents we may never know but it is clearly indicated as Irish Whiskey and Produce of Ireland and most likely a blended whiskey.
Additional notes by Leo Phelan @TheWhiskeyBro
LOT No. IWA : 182368
Guide Price : €150-€250


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