Waterford, The Pilgrimage Bottle No 814 Signed Btl

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The First Cuvee From the Waterford Distillery is a Celebration of the 2016 Single Origin Distillations.

All Barley from these Farms were Harvested in 2015 and brought together the different Terroir of these Farms.

This is the First Cuvee from Waterford Distillery know as "the First", There can be only 1 first.

This is a Signed Bottle, one of the first few on the Day of release.

Bottle No. 814 of 1500

700ml 50%Vol

LOT No. IWA : 1811548
Guide Price : €1000-€1200

Waterford Distillery

The Waterford Distillery is bringing a new level to Irish whiskey introducing the concept of "Terroir". Established in 2015 in the Old Diageo Brewery, Waterford distillery and it's Founder Mark Reynier are bringing a different aspect to the Irish Whiskey world. Their first releases in 2020 will include all single Farm Origin Bottlings and their first Cuvee which is some of their first Single farm whiskies brought together to celebrate their introduction onto the Irish Whiskey and world Whisky landscapes. Their launch has attracted huge attention with the debate of Terroir and its presence in the distillation process. Mark Reynier the founder is not afraid to attract controversy and stoke debate with his views as he has done for many years with his success in the Bruichladdich distillery on Islay.