Tullamore 10 year old 1960's

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Tullamore Dew is a popular Irish Whiskey, now owned by William Grant and Sons.

Bottled in the early 1960s by D.E. Williams indicating that this may contain whiskey distilled at Power's old John's Lane distillery.

The Old Tullamore Distillery, owned by D.E. Williams closed in 1954, entering an agreement with Powers who would provide whiskey for their brands, Irish Mist and Tullamore Dew. This bottle therefore occupies an unusual spot in the Dew's history, being distilled at John's Lane, sourced by D.E. Williams, and then returned home after his sale of the brand, to be bottled back in the same distillery it was produced.

Bottle in good condition with wear, fading and discolouring.

70 Proof (35%) No Bottle Vol present likely 70cl

LOT No. IWA : 187688
Guide Price : €300-€400


Tullamore is the 2nd largest selling brand of Irish whiskey and has had its trials and tribulations like every other Irish distillery. Multiple owners over many years didn’t help it manage its stocks of aged whiskey but now under the ownership of William Grant and sons the distillery is enjoying its renaissance. With a new Distillery built in its home town of Tullamore they are experiencing increased growth into markets previously dominated by Jameson. Their Iconic stoneware jars are easily recognised and have become a must have gift after visiting Ireland. Their newest aged whiskeys have a loyal following with bottlings such as the “phoenix” and other special releases attracting the eyes of collectors all over.