Teeling Centenary 1917

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A 27 Year old single malt from the fantastic Teeling Brand that is part of the very limited edition Centenary collection.

Released as a celebration of Irish Arts & Culture starting in 2014 and continuing for 5 releases.

To celebrate the centenary of 1917, 250 bottles were drawn from cask #10504. bottled 7/4/17

This is Bottle No. 146 in excellent condition complete with all documentation.

70cl  46%Vol

LOT No. IWA : 188999
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The Teeling name has a legacy but what is being created now by Jack and Stephen Teeling will forever stamp the name on Irish whiskey. The New distillery they built in Dublin can lay claim to many firsts in the Irish whiskey industry but the product itself can now stand on its own as in its short existence the Teeling Brand has won numerous awards and accolades. With the help of master distiller Alex Chasko they have created a brand that is at the forefront of innovation with unique cask finishes that had never previously been used in Ireland. With the benefit of aged family stocks of whiskey this has enabled them to release highly sought after limited edition bottlings of some of the oldest whiskeys in Ireland. Not only has the aged whiskey gained them recognition but now the very first distillate from their new distillery has set world records for the highest price achieved at auction for a new release whiskey. The company’s attention to detail in their presentation of their brand sets the bar very high for others to compete against.