Retronaut 17 Year old Single Malt Irish Whisky

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The  first release of whiskey from the Blackwater Distillery. Released to celebrate the commencing of the building of the new Blackwater Distillery in Co. Waterford. A 17 Year old Single Malt sourced by Peter Mulryan to exacting standards for their very first release, so it had to be right.

Labeled as Irish Whisky the missing 'e' may surprise a lot of people but Irish whisky was once commonly spelled as such but was eventually phased out in the 1960s to try to differentiate our whiskey from others

This limited edition 17 year old single malt is limited to just 1160 bottles

Bottle No 213 In Perfect condition.

700ml 46%Vol

LOT No. IWA : 182629
Guide Price : €100-€150


Here we will feature other Irish whiskeys that may only have small runs or limited availablity, as our database of whiskies grown we shall expand the listed distilleries