Redbreast Pot Still Blend

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An early 00's release through Edward Dillon & Co Ltd

An unusual version under the Redbreast Brand.

In perfect condition.

700ml   40% Vol

LOT No. IWA : 189721
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As Redbreast whiskey has had many different incarnations over the years it deserves a category of its own. The original Redbreast whiskey began as a bonded finished whiskey by the Gilbey wine and spirits company. They continued to produce these excellent examples of pure pot still whiskey up until they sold the brand to IDL in 1986. Since then IDL have continued the tradition of Redbreast whiskeys and won accolades for their 12, 15 and 21 year old bottlings. Today it is a highly collectable whiskey with various bottles of their 12 year old the mainstay of most collections. In recent years they have released some Limited edition specials that are now commanding a great following and prices. Their latest, the 32 year old “Dream Cask” was one of the highlights of 2018 with it selling out almost immediately upon release.