Preston's Drogheda Millennium Malt

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A unique project celebrating the huge distilling history of Drogheda and their main memorable brand of Preston's.

The distillery finally closed down in 1968 and the last barrels of Preston's were removed from the bonded warehouses and sent to Dublin to be lost forever.

A specially selected Single Cask no 1310 from the Cooley Distillery was then infused with the spirit of Drogheda by mid-way through the maturation period, one of the last full bottles of Preston's whiskey known to survive was added to the cask, infusing this unusual and very rare whiskey with a sense of place and history.

The whiskey has a rich mellow flavour of great depth and unusual complexity, with the strong character of the original Preston's.

The bottle is presented in a tube with a certificate of authenticity.

Bottle No. 201 of 330

700ml  43%Vol

LOT No. IWA : 188884
Guide Price : €200-€400

Cooley Distillery

The Cooley distillery has a special place in the recent history of Irish whiskey. The man that alot of people credit with kick starting the revival of independent distilling in Ireland, Mr John Teeling bought the cooley distillery in 1987. With the team of people that he assembled around him, the Cooley distillery began to flourish and it wasn't long before he spotted the opportunity to revive lost brands in the lockes, kilbeggan and tyrconnell brands. Cooley continued the growth with mass producing own brand labeled whiskey for the supermarkets and the production of the now legendary Connemara peated whiskey. Cooley was sold in 2011 to the American drinks brand BEAM but beam has since been bought by Suntory Holdings of Japan.