Old Commonwealth P Van Winkle Oifig an Phoist Decanter

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A Limited Edition Collectors Item from the Commonwealth Distillery , Lawrenceburg  Kentucky.

Containing Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey distilled at the world famous J.P Van Winkle & Son distillery.

Produced in 1992 to celebrate many different scene's from Ireland and other countries.

750ml  80 proof.


LOT No. IWA : 189279
Guide Price : €200-€300


The Range of American whiskies is ever growing but also the volume produced.America is one of the world’s largest producers and consumers of whiskey. The range of different types distilled in the USA vary greatly, each with their own unique ingredients or production methods. The six different categories are bourbon, Tennessee, rye, corn, wheat and blended whiskies. Whiskey was introduced to America by the immigrants and pioneers that went over to the continent from Scotland and Ireland in the 1700s. These settlers were forced to use different raw materials to produce their whiskey due to the different climate and soil conditions. This included mixing different grains together during the mashing process depending on what was available. Over time, these different recipes of grain mixtures have evolved so that now, American whiskey bears very little similarity to Scottish or Irish whiskies. The industry has strict laws about the naming or categorising of the whiskies.