Nikka Blended whisky

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A blended whisky from the group of Nikka Distilleries.

a Selection of slighly peated malts and coffey still grain whiskies from nikka's various stocks

70cl  40% Vol in perfect condition.

LOT No. IWA : 180394


The Nikka Distillery is the 2nd largest distiller in japan producing a wide range of single malts that sell under various brands but also a large volume of blends that constitute some of the great whiskies that have gained attention worldwide. Their available variations of malt whisky are now bottled under various names and range in retail price from €30 upwards. The 10 year Yoichi Single malt has been discontinued so secondary prices have been increasing but it still can be found in some shops and off licences. All collectors and drinkers should have at least 2 bottles of whisky from the nikka brands to experience the range of flavours that they produce.