Knappogue Castle 21 Year old Single malt

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A Limited release of only 1200 Bottles from this exclusive cask Vatting of 21 Year old single malt.

The Current oldest release from the Knappogue castle brand.

700ml  46%Vol.

In New Condition

LOT No. IWA : 189104
Guide Price : €170-€210

Knappogue Castle

In 1966, Mark Edwin Andrews and his wife Lavone´ purchased Knappogue Castle in County Clare after returning to Ireland from the US. As they renovated the structure, Mark Andrews amassed a collection of rare single malt Irish whiskey, which he privately bottled and named Knappogue Castle 1951 after the historic building. He focused primarily on the whiskeys once produced at the B. Daly Distillery in County Offaly, which ceased whiskey production in 1954. In 1998, his son, Mark Edwin Andrews III, launched Great Spirits LLC, which made Knappogue Castle 1951 available to the public. In 1999, the company introduced vintage-dated single malts, under the same brand name. Knappogue Castle 1951 is one of the oldest and rarest commercially available Irish whiskeys on the planet. This highly distinctive whiskey was distilled in 1951 and aged in sherry casks for 36 years.