Karuizawa Emerald Geisha 33 Year old

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This Karuizawa’s Emerald Geisha is a very rare, very beautiful, very vintage and very Geisha-y bottling from Elixir Distillers (TWE’s bottling branche). It is a follow up to the Golden Geishas release. This single malt aged for 33 years in a sherry cask, the other half of the Emerald Geisha set is a 35 year old Kuruizawa that matured in bourbon wood.

Put together, their labels form the emerald green geisha to which the set is named.

Karuizawa distillery was a Japanese whisky distillery. It was located at Miyota, a town on the southern slopes of an active complex volcano, Mount Asama, in Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Established in 1955, the distillery began production in 1956. It was owned by Mercian Corporation and was the smallest in Japan. It was mothballed in 2000, and closed in 2011; the land on which it had stood was sold in 2012.

One of only 170 bottles drawn from single Sherry cask #8908. Released in February 2018 this is bottle 144

It is in Immaculate condition and definitely a collectors item as it will only ever increase in value.

LOT No. IWA : 180735


There are many people who still do not realise that the Japanese produce their own single malt and blended whiskies. In fact, Japan is the world’s third largest producer of whisky behind the Scots and the Americans – yes, they beat the Irish. The popularity of Japanese whisky has grown to the wider international audience since a Japanese whisky first won a major award in 2001. Following this, Japanese whiskies have won two of the most prestigious prizes at the World Whisky Awards in 2008 – the Yoichi 20 years old won Best Single Malt and the Hibiki 30 years old won Best Blended Whisky. These were the first Japanese whiskies to win such a prize and the results sent shock waves around the whiskey world.