Green Spot 10 & 12 Year old Irish Whiskey

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The Very sought after Bottlings from the Bicentennial celebrations of Mitchell & Son

The Green Spot 12 Year old is limited to only 200 bottles with estimations suggesting that less than 50 are truly left full.

Bottle No 169 of 200, 700ml  58%Vol

The Green Spot 10 Year old is limited to 1000 Bottles and is presented in a Oak wooden Box.

Bottle No 645 of 1000, 700ml  40%Vol

A very Rare chance to purchase these sought after items.

LOT No. IWA : 182843
Guide Price : €3000-€4000

Spot Whiskeys

Spot whiskeys is the range of Irish Pot Still whiskeys that are sold by Mitchell and Son wine merchants. In 1887, the entrepreneurial Mitchell family expanded into the whiskey bonding business, whereby they sent empty wine, sherry and port casks via horse and cart to the local Jameson Distillery up on Bow Street. These were then filled and returned to the Mitchell’s cellar warehouse underneath Fitzwilliam Lane. The Mitchells matured their whiskey in casks under the streets of Dublin in their network of underground cellars. When their fortified wine casks were filled exclusively with Jameson spirit from the old Bow St. Distillery, they were marked with a daub or ‘spot’ of paint which identified how long the barrels would be matured for. Blue for 7 years, Green for 10 years, Yellow for 12 years and Red for 15 years—hence the name Spot Whiskey.