Dingle Single Malt for SuperValu

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Two cask released and bottled exclusively for SuperValu of Dingle Single Malt.

A very Limited edition of only 678 Bottles this is Bottle No. 438

700ml 46.5%Vol


LOT No. IWA : 180849


One of the first new breed of distilleries to release their own distillate, Dingle distillery has found a special place with Irish whiskey lovers all over the world. The distillery itself is based in a corner of Ireland in Co.Kerry but that has not stopped it gaining the attention of all with its releases since 2016. With its small batch production techniques, the volumes that it produces was always going to leave it highly sought after but even the most supportive observer of the dingle distillery have been surprised at the demand that they have found themselves in. The Founding Fathers program that began the production runs in Dingle have now come to age so in the future we will see special edition releases that follow the demand pattern that Dingle has experienced to date. The Cask 2 bottling is a particular favourite for collectors as it was the very first release from the distillery and limited to only 252 bottles