D.W.D 15 Year old Pure Pot Still

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A very old Bottling of  D.W.D pure pot still 15 Year old Irish Whiskey. The label is in Poor condition but the seal is embossed and intact. The bottle features the raised lettering of DWD.

Further notes below on the history of the product.

This bottling was a product of the Dublin Distillers Co. Limited which was an amalgamation of 3 seperate distillers formed in 1899. George Roe and Company, Thomas Street Distillery, William Jameson & Company, Marrowbone Lane Distillery and Dublin Whiskey Distillery Company, Jones Road Distillery.

In 1901 a new patent still was introduced at Marrowbone Lane. Rather than consolidate operations each distillery continued to distil and bottle their own brands of whiskey. In 1923 both the Marrowbone Lane and Thomas Street distilleries ceased production followed by the closure of the more modern plant at Jones Road in 1926. Jones Road is said to have resumed distilling briefly in the early 1940s (see Cadenhead Jones Road 1942 bottling) before the company was finally liquidated in 1945.

As a result by the 1930s, the concerns of The Dublin Distillers Company (Limited) were largely focussed on selling old stock in order to provide investors with annual dividends. This whiskey was heavily advertised between 1928 and 1931. At the time they were advertising 3 ages of D.W.D. whisky, 7 year old, 10 years old and 15 years old as well as producing a miniature ‘tiny tot’ version. It was guaranteed 15 years old and bottled and sealed by the distillers. It was ‘thrice’ distilled using only the ‘finest Irish cereals’ to produce ‘Pure Old Pot Still’ Irish Whisky. Only “people of a discriminating taste always call for D.W.D., the whiskey with a soft mellow flavour.


Information courtesy of @the whiskeybro, Leo phelan and  Niall Tubridy, @Thewhiskeyexperts.

LOT No. IWA : 183522
Guide Price : €800-€1000


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