Bushmills Irish whiskey 12 medal bottle.

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An old Label of the Original Bushmills Irish whiskey.

12 Gold Medals  and imported by Campbell Distillers Ltd Middlesex, UK

In Excellent Condition

700ml  40%Vol


LOT No. IWA : 182276
Guide Price : €50-€70


The Bushmills distillery, based in the town where it gets it's name boasts a fantastic heritage and legacy that by their story goes all the way back to 1608. The Bushmills brand has always been a strong part of the Irish Whiskey story and today it still is at the fore of the resurgence that we are currently experiencing. They have received many awards over the years with their various offerings but now in the hands of its latest owners the distillery is experiencing a growth that requires additional cask storage facilities and the development of new finishes and flavours building on the familiar bushmills taste.