Allman & Co Ltd Distillers, Bandon

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Pure Pot Still Whisky unblended Guaranteed 10 years old.

From the Allman and Co. Distillery in Bandon Co.Cork.

There is only 3 known bottles of Allman whisky documented in recent years and  we believe this bottle Pre-dates 1900. The Distillery ran from 1826 until 1925 when production ceased, although stocks were sold by the cask and by the bottle until all processes were stopped. In 1886 Alfred Barnard wrote that "the bandon distillery was the most successful of the rural distilleries" and also noted that they produced 2 styles of whisky , pure malt Irish whisky and pure pot still Irish whisky.

This bottle is in near perfect condition with only general discolouration and marks considering it is over 100 years old.

additional notes and verification by M. Foggarty , L.Mulligan whiskey shop , Dublin


LOT No. IWA : 180992


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