Fee's & Charges

Fee's & Charges

What We Charge

Irish Whiskey Auctions

Set out below are the fees and charges that are in place for using our website.

We charge a once off €3 registration fee to use our website, this ensures that you are identified to us correctly and you are over 18 years of age. You can Register as either a bidder or a seller, Both accounts allow you to bid on any items that you would like. If you plan to sell some items straight away then it is best to register as a Seller. If you would just like to see how our system works and bid on some items then register as a bidder. If you change your mind and would like to then sell some items , just inform our office team and we can change your account to a seller account easily.


Sellers Auction Fees

Seller: 5% Commission charged on the final selling price

Listing Charges:

  • Listing Fee – Standard Bottle €4
  • Miniature Bottles €2
  • Optional Reserve Fee – €8
  • Additional charges may apply for account settlement featuring 3rd party providers

So an Example:

If you list a bottle with us for Auction and it sells for €200

Deductions of

Listing Fee €4

Commission @5% €10

Vat on Fees & Commission@21% €2.94

You will receive €184.06


Buyers Auction Fees

Buyer: 10% Commission charged on the winning bid

So an Example:

A winning bid of €100 on an item

Commission at 10% €10

Vat on Commission @21% €2.10

You must Pay €112.10 plus shipping Charges to your address.

Non EEA Credit Card Surcharge – 3% / Credit Card payments from countries outside of the European Economic Area will be subject to a 3% surcharge

Shipping Charges: please see our shipping and delivery charges page.



Please note VAT is applicable to all fees, carriage and surcharges.

VAT Does NOT apply to the Hammer Price