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I have been asked a few times lately about the mechanics of our bidding process and how the maximum and proxy bidding process works, so i hope this little explainer will clarify it a little.


The bidding process works in 2 ways as a bidder

1: You can just place a single bid . Our system will tell you what the next bid amount is. If no one else has placed an automatic bid then you will be notified as being the highest bidder. If another user has placed a higher bid or a higher automatic bid then you will be notified that you have been outbid. Sometimes if you have been outbid by a user with an automatic bid then it will be nearly instantly the notification that you have been outbid.




2: You can place a Maximum bid . If you place an automatic highest bid then our system will keep you as the highest bidder up to your maximum value. If the reserve is not met and you place a maximum bid then the system will automatically jump straight up to your maximum bid.

An example being,  if an item has a current bid of €350 and has a reserve of €500 and you place a maximum bid of €450  then the system will jump straight to your maximum bid without going through the steps of incremental prices. If you placed a maximum bid of €600 on the item then it would go to the reserve of €500 and then it would continue as with the normal bidding process.

We think that it is a good streamlined system that makes it easy for everyone to use. If you have any questions on how this works or any suggestions that may make it easier to use please do not hesitate to contact us directly.



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